DuraSilk™ Waterproof Cape - Bleach Resistant

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  • - DuraColour™ Bleach Resistant:
  • - DuraSilk™ Professional Performance:
  • - DuraSilk™ Waterproof Fabric:
  • - All-Purpose:
  • - Chemical & Stain Resistant:
  • - Light Weight, Cool & Comfortable:
  • - Repels Hair & Water:
  • - Hidden Snaps/Adjustable Neck:
  • - Salon Branding Available - Minimum 12 pcs:
  • Item #: DS120
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Best selling All-Purpose High Performance Waterproof DuraSilk™ Client Cape.  Our fabric is Engineered for Maximum protection while giving your client superior comfort.  The H20 Protect material is designed to be waterproof as well as Bleach, Chemical and Stain resistant.  Our fabric is durable, light weight, and designed to wick moisture vapors away from the body providing your client with long lasting cool comfort.  Hair and water glide off of the fabric.  Our advanced technology allows full protection WITHOUT the old style hot and sticky backing of most other waterproof fabrics. Easy Care, machine wash.  Hidden quick snaps for adjustable neck closure. Fully trimmed. Extra-large size for full protection.   

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