DS Ionic-Infused Bamboo Oval Brush
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DS Ionic-Infused Bamboo Oval Brush

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Ionic-Infused Bamboo Paddle Brush

Styling - Grooming - Detangling
Natural Eco-Friendly Bamboo
Professional Luxury Performance
Heat-Resistant, Ionic-Infused Bristles
Promotes Healthy, Smooth, Glossy Hair
Gentle, Anti-Breakage Detangling
Classic Soft Cushion Performance Pad
Designed for Multi-Purpose Styling


How it Works - When you create friction by brushing your hair or towel drying it, you strip your hair of negative ions. Ionic tools, such as our ionic-infused brushes, can reverse this effect.  By using our ionic brushes, you add negative ions back into the hair and restore its natural charge. This promotes healthy, smooth, glossy hair. When you heat the brush up, it produces even more ions. This technology, along with our superior deign and finest hand polished materials, offers the best quality luxury brush!


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