Care Info


Important:  You’re professional DuraSilk™ work wear must be washed and dried properly to retain its bleach resistant and water resistant properties.  If cared for properly our durable fabrics will look and perform beautifully. 

As with any professional waterproof cape, apron, robe or smock, for best results, do not machine dry with high heat.  The high heat of a dryer can compromise or melt the waterproof or water resistant, treated material and your printed logo. 

Your professional capes, aprons, robes and smocks are waterproof or water resistant and do not absorb water like a standard material. They are designed for a fast and easy wash /dry.  These professional items dry very quickly by just hanging to dry, or if you prefer a low /medium setting/ tumble dry in dryer. It is very important to thoroughly dry garment.  Remember the more gentle you wash and dry, the longer your item will last.  Always tie up the waist ties in double bow tie prior to washing to avoid tearing ties by wrapping on other items and agitator. 

For Best Results:

  • Tie all waist ties in double bow prior to washing to avoid wrapping on agitator or other items.
  • Wash in Cool or Warm Water/ Gentle Cycle (remember, fabrics don’t absorb so gentle wash is all you need)
  • Do not use harsh detergents or fabric softeners (Please avoid Tide and Gain detergents)
  • Hang to Drip Dry or Cool or Medium Setting in Dryer
  • DO NOT Machine Dry on HIGH HEAT Setting – This can Compromise/melt Material or your Logo.
  • Do not Iron, Do Not Bleach

After completely dry, store items in protective cabinet/Bin marked CLEAN so staff can use.


You have purchased high quality, luxury professional performance work wear for your salon.  Like any of your valued tools, if you care for it properly, it will perform beautifully.  As with any apparel item that is washed on a daily basis, you will have normal wear and tear.  These instructions are provided to make the item last as long as possible with daily washing and harsh salon environment.